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The LeMay Foundation was created by General LeMay in 1987 to provide assistance to widows of Air Force retirees. General and Mrs. LeMay wanted the assurance that the active duty servicemen, the retiree and their families are succored. We stay true to the vision of our founders by providing a comfortable solution for a spouse to stay in their home. Today, we strive to keep their mission alive.

Our duty is to keep these spouses in their homes where they supported their families during active duty and throughout their retirement years. We provide assistance with monthly grants for day to day living expenses. One-time relief is also available to compensate for unexpected expenses such as minor home repairs, medical and dental costs, prescription needs, moving fees, and mortgage or rent delinquencies. Last year, we provided over $473,400 in aid.

We strongly believe they are entitled to a respectable lifestyle and it is a privilege to serve them as they embraced the military life with their spouses. When you give to the Air Force Assistance Fund, you provide a future for them that honors their humble hearts.

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Ms. Arvilla - Florida

“Since the LeMay Foundation came to my rescue, I’ve been able to meet my monthly obligations. For once, since not having my husband there for support, I feel self-sufficient. Simple things that some would take for granted, I could not afford. With LeMay, I can enjoy healthier foods and not worry about the expense of being warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Idle times as we age is a lonely place. LeMay affords me with the extra money for crafts and other projects to occupy those long days. The simple ability to buy a better pair of shoes for my feet without having to ask a family member for help is a great feeling. The independence the LeMay Foundation has given me is quality of life. I pray the foundation continues with assistance to others as they’ve helped me. I will be forever grateful for the life-changing opportunities they have afforded me. My deepest appreciation!”

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Ms. Hazel - New Mexico

“Thank you for your continued support, especially during the Pandemic that we are in.  Your generous support has meant a great deal to me and my quality of life.  Your organization has made it possible for me to remain in the home my husband and I raised our children and made a life together in. With the generosity of your foundation, I will now be able to see about getting hearing and false teeth that I have so badly needed. If my husband were here, he would be very impressed with how your foundation has helped me in my time of need. He spent many years of his life in support of his country and always worried what would happen to me if he passed away.  Thank you for improving my quality of life.   It is nice to know there are people who truly care for others. God Bless each and every one of you!”

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