LeMay Foundation

LeMay Foundation

The LeMay Foundation awards grants to enlisted and officer retirees’ surviving spouses.  We respond because we believe they are entitled to a dignified lifestyle and it is a privilege to serve them as they served along with their spouses.

We are here for these spouses who supported their families during active duty service and through their retirement years.  Last year, we benefited over $440,000 to these spouses.  We provide monthly grants to augment incomes that fall below the poverty line.  One-time grants are also available to alleviate with unexpected bills such as, dental work, medical and prescription needs, rent or mortgage delinquencies, and minor home repairs.  Our grants are awarded without fanfare, like a gift to a beloved family member.

When we can help a spouse stay in their home, near their church and friends, we stay true to the vision of our founders, General and Mrs. Curtis LeMay.  When you give to the Air Force Assistance Fund, you provide a future for them.

Louella C.
Ms. Louella - Shalimar, FL

“I am forever grateful to a foundation set up by a service family to care for service widows. My husband would be comforted knowing that the Air Force he served for so long had a group whose mission is to ensure that I, along with others, have a full and happy life. Your kindness in providing me with two different sets of hearing aids to meet my needs as my hearing worsens has improved my life in countless ways. The isolation I feel when I cannot hear is disheartening and causes depression. The hearing aids allow me to be connected to the people I love.”

Ms. Darlene - Englewood, TN

“I was so excited when I heard of the LeMay Foundation! They gave me a grant of money that was sent by check every month. The check that I treasure most is an extra check that I receive on Memorial Day in honor of my husband’s service. I always cry when I receive it because my husband served in Vietnam. It shows me that someone cares about this service. I am so thankful for the LeMay Foundation and their kindness. They have let me live a life of dignity, free from worries and given me hope for a better future. Its allowed me to be an honorable person. I hope that everyone that receives help from this organization really values their wonderful work as much as I do. They have truly blessed me, and I can never thank them enough.”

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