LeMay Foundation

LeMay Foundation

The LeMay Foundation awards grants to enlisted and officer retirees’ surviving spouses.  We respond because we believe they are entitled to a dignified lifestyle and it is a privilege to serve them as they served along with their spouses.

We are here for these spouses who supported their families during active duty service and through their retirement years.  Last year, we benefited over $415,000 to these spouses.  We provide monthly grants to augment incomes that fall below the poverty line.  One-time grants are also available to alleviate with unexpected bills such as, dental work, medical and prescription needs, rent or mortgage delinquencies, and minor home repairs.  Our grants are awarded without fanfare, like a gift to a beloved family member.

When we can help a spouse stay in their home, near their church and friends, we stay true to the vision of our founders, General and Mrs. Curtis LeMay.  When you give to the Air Force Assistance Fund, you provide a future for them.

Ms. Betty - Florence SC

Dear Friends,

“You have helped me on a monthly basis for a few years now. I really do welcome your gifts to help with my everyday bills. There was a shortfall for me until I asked for your assistance.  In sincere appreciation to you and your wonderful Foundation.”

LeMay Foundation Stories
Jenny, daughter of Eileen - Riverside CA

“I’m writing to thank you for this most generous assistance for my Mom, Eileen.  Your approval of our request has enabled me to know with certainly that we can continue to keep Eileen in her Village home. My father, a career Air Force Officer resting in the Riverside National Cemetery, must be smiling down at all of us today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my Dad as well.”

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Continue our long tradition of taking care of our own.