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“I have lived at Air Force Village for thirty-five years as a widow. Where else could I find a place that has treated me with such dignity and respect? I am so grateful for the assistance I now receive. It allows me to remain in the community I have called home for so long.”

~ Anonymous Widow

In 1970, Air Force Village opened the doors to its beautiful retirement community in San Antonio, Texas, and for decades it has remained true to its core charitable mission: to care for the widowed spouses of retired Air Force officers.

Your gifts to the Air Force Assistance Fund have helped provide more than 600 surviving spouses in financial need with a safe, comfortable home, where they are surrounded by caring friends and staff.  These are patriots who served their country alongside their military spouses, and through no fault of their own, have outlived the money they set aside for retirement. Many have been financially and emotionally devastated by a spouse’s catastrophic illness.  We serve them in confidentiality so they can enjoy this secure lifestyle with friends who do not know of their misfortune.  We offer the level of support they require to be safe and healthy in our continuum of care.

From the first widowed spouse we served in 1974, through today, we have invested more than $23 million in care.  It is truly a mission of love and respect that upholds the promise to “take care of our own.”

These widowed spouses depend on your generous hearts and are grateful for your compassion.  100% of the gifts you give to AFAF for the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation provide an essential safety net for them.

Air Force Village, renamed Blue Skies of Texas, continues to celebrate our Air Force heritage and serve widowed spouses.  Thank you for your gifts to AFAF that honor this tradition.

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