AFVCF-logo-(2)Air Force Village opened its doors in San Antonio, TX in 1970 with a core charitable mission to care for retired Air Force Officers’ widowed spouses who need financial assistance.

This meaningful cause benefits an average of 50+ individuals annually at a cost of over $1 million per year.  Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation (AFVCF) honors these spouses for the sacrifices they made while serving their country, side by side with their loved ones.  We provide a safe, comfortable environment where surviving spouses are surrounded by friends in a home they cannot provide for themselves.

widow-playing-gamesSince 1970, with generous support from active duty and retired military, more than $17.5 million dollars have been applied to the confidential assistance and care of surviving spouses.  Often catastrophic illness depleted their savings or they outlived the money put aside for retirement.  In today’s economy, the need for help continues.  Thanks to your support, these individuals live a modest lifestyle with access to long-term health care and they spend their final years with dignity and peace of mind.

widow-bpToday, sporting a new name which celebrates our Air Force heritage, Blue Skies of Texas holds steadfast to this enduring mission to protect the safety, comfort, health and quality of life for our Air Force widowed spouses who need financial assistance.  Gifts to the Air Force Assistance Fund have been aiding the widowed spouses of Air Force officers since 1974.

When you give to AFAF, you build a safety net for the widowed spouses of real American heroes and fulfill the vision of the women and men who founded the Air Force Village 50 years ago to “take care of our own.”  We can proudly say 100% of Air Force Assistance Fund gifts to the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation support this mission.