Affiliate Charities 2

A gift that can change of the lives of Airmen…

Wherever Airmen and their families are, the Air Force Assistance Fund affiliates are there, too, thanks to your gifts.  The Air Force Aid Society, the Lemay Foundation, Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation and Air Force Enlisted Village can ensure that when a fellow Airman needs help, they have a place to go.

Without your generosity, we could not serve you, your friends, your families, or your heroes.

Because we take care of our own…

The Harchaoui triplets Myriam, Rabah, and Warda. All three were born in Algeria before immigrating to the Unites States, and are Airmen serving in today’s Air Force.

Your contribution to the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) will lend critical support to your fellow Airmen and their families – active duty and retired, officers and enlisted.

Because of your gifts, we can help with emergency needs, educational assistance, and family support . . . and provide comfort and dignity to Air Force widows and widowers.

And one day, should you or your family need us, an AFAF affiliate will be there for you because the Air Force takes care of our own. If you know of someone in need, please contact the appropriate AFAF affiliate – it is our mission to serve you and yours.


Contributions to the AFAF campaign qualify for IRS charitable deductions.


From the hearts of all we are able to serve through your generosity: Thank you!

From left to right: Lt Gen John D. Hopper, Jr. USAF (Ret) CEO, Air Force Aid Society, CMSgt Brooke McLean USAF (Ret) CEO, Air Force Enlisted Village, Ms. Leana Franklin CEO, LeMay Foundation, Lt Gen Loyd Utterback USAF (Ret) CEO, Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation